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Peer calls Jewish activists ‘Hitler Youth’

Former Conservative peer Lord Monckton, launched a tirade against young climate change activists, comparing them to Hitler Youth even when told he was talking to a Jewish activist.

A part of the exchange went like this:

Mr. Wessel: First of all my name is Ben.

Lord Monckton: No, I’m not going to shake the hand of Hitler Youth. I’m sorry.

Mr. Wessel: Sir, as a Jew I’m not really sure how I should take that.

Lord Monckton: I’ll tell you how you should take it. You should take it… as it is meant.

Mr. Wessel: My grandparents escaped the Nazis growing up in Germany.

Lord Monckton: Because of the biofuel scam, world food prices have doubled. That is because of the global warming scare, which you won’t look at the science of. And as a result of that, millions are dying in third world countries because food prices have doubled because of the biofuel scam, because of the global warming scare. Not because there’s been any global warming.

And you people don’t care. And until you start caring, I will call you Hitler Youth if you ever again interrupt any meeting at which I am present, where we are trying to have a private conversation.

Source: Liberal Conspiracy
Trying again because although it was rejected earlier due to the source apparently being bad I've posted many articles from this site in the past. Also there's a video, which negates any claims against its veracity.
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