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Hitchens slamming Palin makes for a good morning indeed.

Christopher Hitchens followed up his long Slate column detailing the dangers of Sarah Palin's brand of populism with more harsh criticism on MSNBC's Morning Joe today.

Appearing with the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson, who has an op-ed in today's Post about Palin's shifting stance on climate change, Hitchens denounced Palin as a "disgraceful opportunist and a real moral coward." However, he cautioned that we should not be too hard on her for her climate-change denying op-ed because "she didn't write that piece and she probably hasn't read it."

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Hitchens: Don't be too hard on her. She didn't write that piece and she probably hasn't read it. I doubt she could either read or write it. Everything she does is for effect, she's, and is always deniable. She could switch back in a minute. At the moment she thinks her tea party crowd wants to hear this kind of thing so she'll say that. She's been out to say, 'well, I don't know but I think the President ought to produce his birth certificate. I'm not saying it isn't a good question. Then later, cause she's got to go to the Gridiron dinner in Washington, and learn how to use a knife and fork and be taught by Fred Malek. She takes it back. She's a disgraceful opportunist and a real moral coward.


In before all the comments saying he's a smug douchebag asshole. I know, it is common knowledge that he is (and a great author, I loved God is not Great). But he's never held back what he thinks and I give him props for telling it like it is. And yes, I absolutely agree with him. Between him and what Arnold said, it's been a great morning.
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