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Winnipeg police delayed arrest, saved newborn baby from drowning

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Heather Richard, 32, had suffered three miscarriages, and was told by the doctors that she couldn't have children.

So on Sunday, December 13th, the birth of a five pounds baby boy caught her by surprise, she was in pain and in the bathroom when; “It just fell out. I thought it was my intestines, so I’m freaking out,” adding that she thought she was going to die, “But then it’s a little boy.”

The baby was in the toilet but Heather was still in shock, and her teenage cousin who was there didn't know what to do. Fortunately, the two street crime unit officers who had just arrived on scene to arrest Richard for her alleged involvement in a pair of thief, came to their aid. Darrin Richard, 20, said a female officer, assisted by a male officer, pulled the boy out of the toilet, put him on the counter, cleaned off his face and began CPR.

In spite of a skull fracture (likely from when his head struck the toilet), the baby was in stable condition, and along with the mother (who was joined by her boyfriend at the hospital), would be released in a few days. Richard said the warrants had been taken care of, Police spokesman Const. Jason Michalyshen said that they were delaying her arrest in light of her having given birth, and that Richard was not considered a flight risk. The officer who had given CPR had also received a course of medications in case of bodily fluids contamination.

The family expressed gratitude to the police, the paramedics, and the hospital. Heather Richard said her baby would have died without the police officer's help; “Thank you, you saved my baby’s life."

Sources: Dec 15th: Cops save drowning toilet bowl baby - Canoe News, and Mom of baby rescued from toilet wanted for theft - CBC.

Edited to change all Richards to Richard
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