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Pro Reform protest at Ben Nelson's office


Well, the great man did not deign to show his face, of course. And the Teabaggers showed up. They carried signs that accused us of being commies, had no facts to back up their claims, and just generally shamed the human condition.

One dude got in my face and I am not lying, he was spittle-flecked. Spittle. Running. Down. His Chin. He was screaming about how he didn't want to lose his health care. I asked how making health care accessible to hardworking Americans would make him lose his own. He had no answer. I told him I'd wait but .. nothing. He sort of gulped and drooled, and when I said, "Okay, that's cool, you have nothing to say," he started yelling about England and the NHS and how everybody in England dies. I asked him if he'd ever been to England? No? Know any English people? No? Ever been out of the USA, for god's sake? No. I left him and crossed the street to the pro reform side.

There were a few journalists there, and some guy taped my thoughts about the issues. I said it was cold, but my friends who died for lack of affordable care were much colder in their graves, and I talked about the VA, and ended by asking Ben Nelson to be a man and stop blocking Health Reform.

Interestingly, when the Teabaggers started shouting insults, the pro reform side gave it right back. I think we were all rather tired of taking the high road with these fools. Our career-Army guy got into it verbally with some jerk about the constitution, and at one point the anti reform people started to zomg roll up on us, but then they just kind of dribbled away.

Man, it was cold. After about an hour and a quarter I couldn't feel my feet or hands and reluctantly called it quits. I had been trying (as were we all) to outlast the Teabaggers, but they were mostly gone at that point, so. Well.

As I left I passed one of the women with the commie signs and sang out, "Don't be a teabagging commie, be a good American mommy!" and her companion snarled: "You insulting PERVERT!" Heh.

So, that was bracing.

A few images:

Signs I had printed and shared out:





Pro reform folk:


More pro reform folk:




They just showed the protest on the news. The local ABC affiliate really slants conservative, but the pro-reform teacher they interviewed was brilliant. And the Teabaggers looked foolish, so good. "Our country and our freedom whahhhh I Got Mine!!!" Ugh:

From KETV 7 Omaha:

Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson is still withholding support for the health care reform bill that President Barack Obama urged his own party to pass.

Nelson, a Democrat, wants tighter restrictions on abortion funding. That didn't stop 50 constituents Tuesday from rallying outside his Omaha office.

Mary Umberger, a teacher at Metropolitan Community College, said she sees every day the need for health care coverage.

"I've got great health care, but my students don't. And I see everyday that the lack of health care, or adequate health care, holds them back in every aspect of their life," Umberger said.

Mike Carolus agreed.

"This rally is here to ask Senator Nelson at this critical point and time to vote for what most Nebraskans want," Carolus said.

Others disagreed. One woman opposed to the bill said even freedom was at stake.

"There is a way to reform our healthcare system … but there is a way to do it without destroying our health care and our country and our freedom," said Phyllis Finn. "I really think that if people understood what the ramifications of this are, that people would not be in favor of it."

Vid from the protest (sorry, can't seem to embed):


sources: me, omni321 at Youtube, and http://www.ketv.com/news/21976364/detail.html

There's vid at that source too -- I'm the one holding the This Veteran Supports Health Reform sign.

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