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Grassley: I control TV remote at home

By Tom Beaumont • • December 16, 2009

Chuck Grassley said he might vote for a bill that would curb the volume on television commercials. But it’s more about insuring domestic tranquility than forming a more perfect union, he said.

“Since I control the channel switcher in my house, I get tired of my wife telling me to turn it down every time a commercial comes on,” the Republican senator from Iowa told reporters today.

A bill advanced in the House Tuesday that would bar television commercials from being louder than the programs during which they appear.

More importantly, how is it that Barbara Grassley, the senator’s wife of 55 years, grants him the authority over such a vital household device?

“It’s difficult,” Grassley said. “I can move faster than she can.”

O RLY? Well, now we see what kind of control monger you really are, you scamp!
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