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The buzz around Trafigura and Carter-Ruck is getting louder again on the web
As reports vanish from mainstream media websites, the buzz about Trafigura and Carter-Ruck gets louder on blogs and other online outlets

The BBC report can no longer be found online

In May, Trafigura's lawyers announced that they had brought libel proceedings against the BBC over its Newsnight broadcast on Trafigura. Now, the BBC's Trafigura feature has disappeared from its website. But as reporting about the company involved in toxic waste dumping scandals in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast vanish from mainstream media sites, there is renewed activity elsewhere on the internet.

Several blogs and other online media have picked up the issue of the vanished Newsnight report. On the blog "Don't Get Fooled Again" Richard Wilson asks "UK's dysfunctional libel system strikes again? Newsnight feature on Trafigura disappears from BBC website". Journalist and conservative candidate Ian Dale writes on his blog about "BBC caves in to Carter-Ruck threats over Trafigura film". On The New Statesman rolling blog, George Eaton reported that "BBC removes Trafigura story after legal threat".

Last, but not least, Judith Townend asks on Journalism.co.uk "Where has the BBC's Trafigura feature gone?", and reports that a spokesperson for the BBC said: "We haven't got anything to say on this. As discussed earlier we are often not able to comment if there's a live legal action."

Meanwhile, Trafigura is buying relevant sponsored links on Google's search page to promote its side of the story.

Searching for Trafigura on Google brings up links sponsored by the the oil company As mainstream media has fallen silent, the buzz about Carter-Ruck on alternative media is getting louder again. Links to the BBC Newsnight report to YouTube are blogged, the video has been published on Wikileaks and the keywords "Trafigura" and "Carter-Ruck" are all over Twitter again.

You wonder if they will ever learn.

Let me see if I am understanding this correctly. The BBC did a newstory on an oil company about they were doing really bad and evil things and the company decided to sue them. Now it seems that an online copy of that news report is taken off the BBC website. And no one in the msm is taking a hit on this?

Would this fly in the US?

What do you British ontd_p'ers and peeps from the UK think about this?

Is this a BIG thing to worry about?
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