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Trans Activist Calls for Boycott of Avatar

Source: The Advocate

A Website attempting to stop the release of James Cameron’s Avatar argues that the film is offensive because in the future, human beings will evolve and transition to transgenderism.

“Heterosexual arrogance, assumptions or exclusions of alternative sexualities in movies is no longer acceptable,” reads the site “Diversity and tolerance are human rights.”

The website is sprinkled with arguments suggesting that given the current course of evolution, it would be far more likely for the film’s hero, Jake, to be gay, bi, or trans than it would for him to be straight.

“The film also makes a gross assumption that the old hetrosexual ways on Earth would somehow be occurring with another race of being on a totally different world with its own unique culture.”

The boycott calls on people to sand outside theatres with pamphlets upon Avatar’s release on Friday. It also suggests people buy tickets in bulk to see the film but not attend, because “an empty theatre sends a message.”

Comments on the site suggest most people find the argument in support of protesting Avatar to be weak.

“This is the dumbest thing I've ever read,” one commenter writes. “I'm all about being equal and breaking down the lines between the straight & LGBT community but seriously? You mean to tell me that you actually wanna start going after EVERY SINGLE MOVIE in hollywood from here on out that doesn't have some sort of LGBT relationship in it for that sole reason alone?”

The site's creator, who is described on the blog as a young transgender person living in the Bay Area, counters by saying going after Avatar will send a message to Hollywood because it is likely to be the top grossing film of the year.

Interestingly, the language of the Na’vi, the fictional race of people portrayed in Avatar, was created by University of Southern California linguistics professor Paul Frommer, who himself is gay.

Avatar opens Friday and is reportedly the most expensive movie ever made. It is Cameron’s first film as director since Titanic.


I'm a straight supporter of equal rights for all sexual identities, however, I'm finding this extremely ridiculous. I feel sorry for James Cameron, who spent 14 years writing, and after $500 million dollars has been sunk into this project, thinks everything is okay. He wakes up one morning, thinks its go time, is all right and nervous yet happy...

and then sees after all the blood sweat and tears, someone is calling to boycott because he dared make the main characters hetero.

Poor man.

Does anyone agree with the blogger? I'd like to hear more thoughts.

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