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Whoops! Six Graders Shown Porn Movie

Picture unrelated (but still pretty fucking hilarious)

You could call it a lesson in anatomy.

A Grade 6 health teacher in Richmond Hill was transferred to another school after he inadvertently showed 30-plus students pornography that he had taped over with an educational video about the H1N1 virus.

When the public health segment ended, on came the adults-only video from his personal collection.

It was a matter of seconds before the Beverley Acres Public School teacher rushed to the front of the class and switched the VHS tape off, the school board contended yesterday, about three weeks after the incident.

But the damage was done.

Not until after concerned parents called the Neal Dr. school did the principal speak with the teacher about the incident and commence an investigation, York Region District School Board spokesman Ross Virgo said yesterday.

"The board is satisfied that this was really a video taping accident and that there was no intent on the part of the teacher to show the class these images," Virgo said.

In the interest of the students, school and teacher, Stefano Eudoxie-Wojedubokowski -- who worked at Beverley Acres since he was hired on with the board four years ago -- was transferred to Crosby Heights Public School, just down the street, Virgo said.

Contacted there yesterday, Eudoxie-Wojedubokowski -- known by students as Mr. Stefano -- called the incident "unfortunate," but said he was told by the board and union not to speak publicly about what happened. Virgo denied this.

"The whole principle behind that transfer is to allow the students in Mr. Stefano's Beverley Acres class to move forward with their learning and to enable Mr. Stefano to be able to continue with his career without having to suffer needlessly in this situation," Virgo said.

According to a parent of a student who saw the tape, Eudoxie-Wojedubokowski was seated at the back of the class when the H1N1 video ended and two naked men appeared engaged in a sex act.

"It's difficult to say what the kids saw," the mother said on condition of anonymity. "But the best I can describe it, from what I've heard (from my child), is the beginning of oral sex."

Citing privacy rules, Virgo wouldn't say whether Eudoxie-Wojedubokowski was suspended during the investigation.

Another mother who heard about the incident from her son called the ordeal "foolish," but said it shouldn't cost the teacher more than a transfer.

"Certainly he made mistakes, but I don't think any kids are damaged just by that," said the woman, whose son used to be in Eudoxie-Wojedubokowski's class. "I'm sure they've seen stuff like that on the Internet or on TV anyway."

Fool! This is why you only watch porn on your computer.

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