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Robber Returns Money

Money robbed from Pa. bank is mailed back

WEST NEWTON, Pa. - Someone mailed an envelope filled with money to a western Pennsylvania bank that was robbed earlier this month, and the FBI suspects it was either the repentant robber or an acquaintance of his.

Special Agent Jeff Killeen says the returned money doesn't cancel out the crime that was committed Dec. 9 at the PNC Bank in West Newton, a tiny borough about 20 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

The FBI won't say how much the robber took, but say the money in the envelope was about 80 percent of the amount stolen. It was separated into stacks of $5s, $10s, $20s and $100s. The FBI announced the mailing on Tuesday and says it is checking the package for fingerprints and other clues.

They believe the robber is local because he was wearing a yellow Pittsburgh Steelers T-shirt.

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So, ONTD_P, what should the FBI do if/when they catch this guy. He returned the money, does that undo the crime in your opinion?

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