Let Them Talk (bluetooth16) wrote in ontd_political,
Let Them Talk

~Top Ten ONTD_Political Posts Of 2009 Nominations~

I need your help recognizing the best posts of 2009! Even if you are a new member, you can help decide which posts deserve these honors! On Monday members will be able to vote. Results will be posted on New Year's Eve.

One nomination per comment please!

Each nomination comment should look like this:

Title of post/short description of post

Direct link to post

If you see an excellent nomination, second it by replying to the original nomination comment. A nomination needs at least 5 seconds to make it to the voting round.

If you have trouble finding posts, use the tags or go on Google and type in "ONTD_POLITICAL + [TITLE/SUBJECT/KEY WORD(S) OF THE ENTRY YOU'RE LOOKING FOR]."

If you have any questions, PM me or leave a comment on this post, and I will respond in a timely fashion!

ETA: We've had lots of issues with tags this year. If you can't find the post you want to nominate, comment with as much description as possible, and I'll do my best to try and find the post. If I'm successful, I'll add it to the list, and mention whoever originally recommended the post.
Tags: !mod post, all your post are belong to us
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