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The Fourth Estate in 2009

A [graphical representation of] (OP: Link has flash/zoomable version) this year’s biggest news stories, from the serious (financial collapse) to the bizarre (balloon boy), paints an interesting picture of what events held our attention in this last year of the decade. The website Journalism.org monitors the news from 55 outlets every week, calculating what percent of the week’s print, television, radio, and internet reporting is devoted to each story. Our latest Transparency is a look at the totals for all the news this year, divided into categories of politics, culture, business, and plain old bad news.


OP: I can't attest to the accuracy of this, I just happened to catch it in my reader, but it does seem to be well sourced. Either way, I thought it would make for interesting discussion on the effects of the media on politics and vice versa.

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