The Analyzer (acmeeoy) wrote in ontd_political,
The Analyzer

Nigeria's Hollywood

First there was Hollywood, then Bollywood, now the Nigerians are making their name in the film industry. Producing 2000 films a year, Nigerias burgeoning film industry is making waves across the world.

"We have to work real fast. We work on a very, very tight budget," says Moses, one of Nollywoods biggest directors.

He has thrived in an industry where entire feature films are written, filmed, and on the screen in less than a month.

"We in Nigeria, we have strength. We have the energy to make it happen," says cameraman Austin, hanging precariously out of the window of a car to get a travelling shot.

"With no budget for special effects or sets, its the actors that take precedence: I love the fact that I can project our image, our way of life, and our culture," says one of Nigerias biggest stars.

According to one of its foremost directors, Nollywoods home-grown stories connect to people in a way that American blockbusters can't: Nollywood is nothing more than therapy.

Produced by SBS, distributed by Journeyman Pictures

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