Any further questions? Ask the shrimp! (txvoodoo) wrote in ontd_political,
Any further questions? Ask the shrimp!

Senate approves Lubinski, nation’s first gay U.S. Marshal

Sen. Amy Klobuchar announced on Monday that the United States Senate has confirmed Minneapolis Police Department Assistant Police Chief Sharon Lubinski as the nation’s newest United States Marshal. Lubinski is widely considered to be the first lesbian to hold that post and one of only a handful of women in history to serve as a Marshal.

Klobuchar made the recommendation earlier this year to President Obama, who nominated Lubinski.

“Sharon Lubinksi will be an excellent U.S. Marshal. It was a pleasure to recommend her to the President, and I was honored to vote for her,” Klobuchar said in a statement. “Her mix of experience managing a large, urban police department and working in a rural sheriff’s office makes her uniquely qualified for this position. I know she will make Minnesota proud as she serves in this role.”

SOURCE is Very Minnesotan

As someone just said to me on twitter, "I will love the day that we don't have to put "first" in front of an adjective describing anyone."
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