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Call for Papers: TMPR Special Issue: Gender and Political Religions

Not sure if anyone in this community would be interested, but I saw this call for papers and found it interesting and timely.

Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions (TMPR) is a Routledge-published quarterly journal, which provides a forum for the exploration of the politics of illiberal ideologies, whether religious or secular. In 2010, TMPR intends to publish a double-issue dedicated to the study of gender and political religions. Empirical work as well as theoretical or conceptual pieces will be included. Deadline for abstracts: January 15, 2010.

More Info.

A lot of my grad friends and I talk about lobbing papers instead of molotovs in order to make things happen. Whether that's writing letters to congressman or writing for publication it seems to get attention. Besides, publish or perish.
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