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That's "Harvard Law School talking, that's not commander-in-chief talking."

Fox News today found a new reason to criticize President Obama's speech on the attempted bombing of Flight 253: His use of the word "allegedly" to describe the suspected terrorist's actions was "Harvard Law School talking, that's not commander-in-chief talking."

On Fox and Friends today, Fox analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. and anchor Alisyn Camerota criticized the president's address yesterday on Flight 253.

Johnson said that he had some "concern" that "there was a detached reserved way in which he was speaking."

He continued: "I wanted a little bit more in terms of communicating to me that he was on it, that our government is all over it, and they're going to do the right thing in terms of protecting us."

Camerota agreed: "You rarely see him getting fired up, but in this instance the use of the term 'allegedly,' to your point, that's Harvard Law School talking, that's not commander-in-chief talking. So he needs to you know change his, some would say, rhetoric."

Here's the full clip:

To put things in perspective, Johnson recently got some attention for his rhetorical gem of a statement that Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) knows that "the true meaning of Christmas is that you don't destroy babies. You don't destroy children."

Camerota, for her part, once asked "If there is no federal money used to subsidize abortions for low-income women, doesn't that mean there will be more low-income babies?"

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