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Five dead in Espoo shopping mall shooting, shooter on the run.

Police describe shooter as Ibrahim Shkupolli, a man in his early 40s; Sello shopping mall evacuated and cordoned off

Five people have been reported dead on Thursday morning in a shooting incident at the Sello shopping mall in the Leppävaara district of Espoo.
Apparently a man in his early forties, whose identity is known to police, began shooting in the Prisma supermarket with a 9mm handgun at around 10 a.m. Police named the suspect as Ibrahim Shkupolli.

First reports indicated that three men and one woman were killed. A fifth victim was later found at a private apartment, and is believed to be the gunman's ex-wife.
One of the male victims at Sello was apparently a sales clerk, and was shot twice in the head. A woman was shot in the stomach and two other men were later shot in a different part of the mall complex
No further details have been given of other casualties.

The mall was emptied and police are continuing to search for the gunman in the shopping centre and the surrounding area. Prisma store staff and witnesses were taken to the public library on the premises.
The police will hold a press conference on the matter at 14:30, and a photograph of the suspect is to be released.
Numerous police vehicles and ambulances are at the scene, and commuter trains were not stopping at Leppävaara station.
Police warn that the man is armed and dangerous, and have appealed for witnesses and anyone who knows of Shkupolli's whereabouts.

The situation is still unfolding and we will update as news comes in.


Additional links for the non-Finns:
The New York Times

The police have just released info that all victims were somehow linked to the shooter.

I was this close to being there, but then I overslept. I personally am staying away from the comment sections of Finnish news sites, I'm sure there's xenophobia in abundance there. Not to mention criticism about gun laws, which has nothing to do with this, considering that because the guy has prior convictions, he probably doesn't have a goddamn license anyway.

ETA: The shooter killed himself.
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