ED (evildevil) wrote in ontd_political,

Horde of Hungry College Students Invades Kitchen Pantry. Sales of Ramen Noodles Skyrockets.

College Food Banks See An Increase In Hungry Students (VIDEO)

For many students, the myth of the easy college life has always been fantasy. But the dual forces of a crippling recession and rising tuition costs are choking off the ability of many parents to help pay for their kids' education.

Which may be why, according to this report from NBC, university officials around the country are reporting that an increasing number of students are relying on college food banks.

Thanh Truong of "The Today Show" visited a student food bank at Michigan State University in East Lansing, where university officials insisted that the students who use the facility are in desperate need. "The perception that college students are free and easy, that they can go party any time, and that they have a lot of excess money just isn't real anymore," Dennis Martell, the university's Director of Health Education Services, said.



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