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Gingrich Again Says U.S. Should 'Frankly Discriminate' In The Name Of National Security

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reiterated his belief that the U.S. should begin to "profile," and "frankly discriminate against" people in order to prevent another attempted attack.

On Fox News today, Gingrich first said that "the entire administration's approach is fundamentally wrong," and that "we have to be honest about our enemies."

"I think that we have to be prepared to profile based on behavior. Not ethnic profiling, not racial profiling, but look at people's behavior," he said.

He continued:

The fact is we are faced with an enemy, driven by religion. The extremist wing of Islam. A minority but nonetheless definable. We should be honest about this. We should target the people who are engaged in that community.

Gingrich also said that "we should methodically isolate, and frankly discriminate against" that community.

He then slammed the Obama administration for its decision to try the Flight 253 suspect in a criminal court: "This administration doesn't believe in interrogations, it believes in giving terrorists all the rights of an American citizen, which is fundamentally wrong if you are in a war."

Newt went on:

Terrorists are combatants. They should be dealt with as combatants. They should be interrogated by the intelligence community. They should not be interrogated by the FBI. They shouldn't be read their Miranda rights. They are not American citizens.

These remarks are a continuation of Gingrich's push for more profiling in national security, which he kicked off yesterday with series of angry tweets.



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