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From Kern County: McFarland Police Department Assumes Law Enforcement Function

4:28 pm - 12/31/2009
"McFarland Police Department Assumes Law Enforcement Function"

*headdesk* oh it gets better. Read on my twisted little taters;

POSTED: 11:46 am PST December 31, 2009
McFarland Police Department Assumes Law Enforcement Function - Bakersfield News Story - KERO Bakersfield

McFARLAND, Calif. -- At 12:01 a.m. Thursday, the McFarland Police Department will assume the law enforcement function in the city of McFarland.

The City of McFarland has been in negotiations with the city of Delano for dispatching services. As of Thursday, they have not reached an agreement.

Therefore all 911 calls will still come into the Kern County Sheriff's Communication Center.

They said they will take the necessary information and then call the McFarland Police Department and relay the information to them.

This will obviously cause a 2-5 minute delay in response. McFarland hopes to complete an agreement with Delano in the very near future.

Citizens of McFarland are encouraged to call 792-2121 which is the direct line to the McFarland Police Department.

In a true emergency, citizens may not have time to dial anything but 911. The Sheriff's Office will relay this information to McFarland Police as quickly as possible.


So let me get this strait... The McFarland PD up to this point DID NOT take calls?

If the person needing help doesn't call the direct line, McFarland Police will have to rely on Bako Sheriffs for their calls. And this will add 2-5 minutes to the already 2 hour response time. Unless of course someone is dead or dying then the response is 20 minutes. If you want help in those cases you still have to call an ambulance service or hospital directly.

Oh and this is the same county that just put a fence around their prison, which by the way GUTTED someone trying to escape in pretty much the same as the scene in the movie SAW. The man had to be cut out of it:   Fence Keeps Lerdo Prisoners From Escaping

I'm so glad I don't live in Kern anymore. When my Mum's gall bladder went wonky on her a couple months ago (here in Tennessee) we had two cop cars, an ambulance and three fire trucks (including a ladder truck which we still laugh about) at the house in less than 10 minutes. All we asked for was an ambulance.
queer_theory 31st-Dec-2009 10:48 pm (UTC)
My mom called to tell me all about this, since she grew up in McFarland. She wasn't surprised that McFarland PD didn't take calls, although I imagine it was much smaller when she lived there. Her graduating high school class was 7 people.
martydressler 31st-Dec-2009 11:14 pm (UTC)
You go Kern County. I've lived there all my life and I cannot fucking wait to bust out of that fucking cesspool.
vilawolf 1st-Jan-2010 06:46 am (UTC)
Spent 11 years there. Too long. WAY too long. Best thing about it is Bruce Wayne.
martydressler 1st-Jan-2010 06:50 am (UTC)
Bruce Wayne will always be one of my heroes.
vilawolf 1st-Jan-2010 07:04 am (UTC)
Same here. He's the one and ONLY thing I miss here in Tennessee. god's balls I miss that man's sense of humor. Here if it's not "god" it's CRAP. Not to mention than the 80's LIVES! IT NEVER LEFT IT WENT TO TENNESSEE! I swear. If it's newer than 1990 it aint on the radio here.

Edited at 2010-01-01 07:07 am (UTC)
martydressler 1st-Jan-2010 09:26 pm (UTC)
He's still on the air here. It's a wonder how, but I take my small blessings whenever I can.
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