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It's time.

Postponed from last night due to Rush'sheartisabigfatidiotgate, here are your results for 2009's Most Influential People! Everyone who received over 60 votes is listed, which gave us 33 finalists (with a three-way tie for 29th.)

31. Joseph Cao

For crossing party lines to vote for what was best for his constituents.

30. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir

For being the first openly gay politician in World Politics.

29. Olympia Snowe

For giving voice to a non-batshit conservatism and for being willing to work across the aisle. Plus, no Olympia Snowe -- no stimulus package.

29. Ellen Degeneres

For putting a human face on the gay marriage movement that's palatable to the masses.

29. Auto-Tune The News

Making post-election internet political satire cool and MSM legitimate since 2009

28. Alan Grayson

Because despite a mess up or two, he isn't afraid to call out the crap regarding the lies spread about healthcare. If more Democrats acted like him, we might get some shit done.

27. Oprah Winfrey

For pioneering the talk show genre, for pretty much single-handedly kick-starting the Obama campaign, for taking steps to improve quality of life in Africa.

26. Paul Krugman

For seeing the trends that led to the 2008 crisis and continuing to stand apart from the conventional wisdom in his political and economic analysis.

25. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

For being a heartless sonvabitch who has plotted for decades to take over the government of Iran, for executing people left and right, for being the beginning of the end of Iran.

24. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger

For pwning geese and gravity and great potential tragedy.

23. Ben Bernanke

No matter whether or not people agree with him, no one can deny his huge influence over the world economy through his position as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

22. Al Gore

Global Warming...he cares about the earth :P

21. Michael Jackson

For breaking LJ.

20. Nancy Pelosi

For being a fierce bitch and showing us what real legislative leadership looks like.

19. Sarah Palin

For no other reason than I can't think of any other failed vp nominationers who managed to stay as relevant as she has for so long.

18. Bill Clinton

For his Batman-like rescue abilities (North Korea) and for his CGI foundation.

17. Keith Olbermann

You may not like his ways but he's a man dedicated to the truth. His support of Free Clinics, including dedicating $50K of his own money and his viewers raising almost $2m alone should get him on here.

16. Rahm Emanuel

Is he not the most well known Chief-of-Staff in recent memory? And you know, he's a bad ass motherfucker!

15. Joe Biden

Because he's re-redefining the role of Vice President for the better. Plus, he loves trains.

14. Glenn Beck

Because of all this tea party nonsense and he has a lot of followers.

13. Lady GaGa

For exponentially increasing the amount of fabulousness in the world and changing the way we think about pop stars.

12. Neda Agha-Soltan

It was video of her death that swept the internet, making it all the way to msm & Congress to show how bad things were getting. She is a martyr and a rallying cry to people of Iran.

11. Rachel Maddow

Because her combined snark, intelligence, and just plain awesome have made me want to watch news commentary on tv again.

10. George Tiller

Because he dedicated his life to providing compassionate, necessary termination services for women. And because he is my personal hero.

09. Stephen Colbert

Because watching him everyday is an early Christmas filled with lulz. ♥

08. Sonia Sotomayor

Because despite all the obstacles she had to overcome to get to where she is, she managed not to kill anyone during her confirmation when a weaker person (like me) would have.

07. Al Franken

Because he's actually asking the tough questions in congress and occasionally hilarious while doing so

06. Ted Kennedy

Do I even have to explain? For one of the more fantastic political lives ever lived and inspiring a current generation of democrats to attack health care more aggressively.

05. Hillary Clinton

Because she's fierce, is a good diplomat, and because of her strong language towards Uganda and its proposed anti-gay law.

04. Jon Stewart

For being one of the few people on TV with journalistic integrity.

03. Michelle Obama

She is not only there to look pretty (which she does effortless, imo) but doing it with grace and brains; she's a woman who's not afraid to stand for what she believes.

02. Protesters in Iran

For showing the world what the true cost of freedom is.

01. Barack Obama

because he's changing the way America approaches the world

Runners up, by vote tally:

Adam Lambert - 56
Mir Hossein Mousavi - 55
Stephen Fry - 53
Jay Smooth - 53
Katie Couric - 52
Michelle Bachelet - 49
Jon Favreau - 49
Aung San Suu Kyi - 49
Anthony Weiner - 49
Rupert Murdoch - 47
Arlen Specterrrrrrr - 47
Fareed Zakaria - 45
Tim Geithner - 43
Shepard Smith - 41
Aretha Franklin - 38
David Petraeus - 38
Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva - 36
Bernie Sanders - 36
Rod Blagojevich - 34
Kim Jong Il - 34
Reza Aslan - 32
M.I.A. - 32
Osama bin Laden - 30
Zahra Rahnavard - 29
Mark Sanford - 27
Stanley McChrystal - 26
Dmitry Medvedev - 26
ACORN - 25
Elizabeth Warren - 24
Bart Stupak - 23
Hu Jintao - 21
Silvio Berlusconi - 18
Wen Jiabao - 18
Manuel Zelaya - 17
Brian and Brendan Burke - 15
Greg Mortenson - 15
Amy Goodman - 14
Chuck Grassley - 14
Michael Pollan - 14
Muammar al-Gaddafi - 13
Joseph Stiglitz - 13
Desiree Rogers - 12
Omar al-Bashir - 11
Paul Kagame - 11
Jack Layton - 8
Mohamed Nasheed - 8
Kenny MacAskill - 6
Herman Van Rompuy - 4
Matthew Harding - 2
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