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ROCK THE VOTE - Vote for your new moderator(s)!

Poll #1505878 ONTD_P Moderator Elections



afa_mom VOTE FOR MNE!
rex_dart Hello, my name is rex_dart, and I am applying for the nightowl post. This is ideal for me because:

a) I love being awake all night.
b) My classes this coming semester (my last undergrad semester) don't start until 11:30 each day BOOYAH.
c) I'm on my computer constantly when I'm not in class and my email is monitored on an ongoing basis 100% of the time I'm on the computer. This makes me an LJ notification ninja.

I am qualified to be a mod because:

a) I've been a regular poster here for a very long time, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what kind of posts people like and in what quantities. I can even prove it.
b) I don't wank much. I think.
c) I got green hair so you know I know what kinda shit goes down in Loompaland goddam.
d) I have never actually said that I am not Dennis Kucinich lying about who I am on the internet.

And I have to admit, seeing other people nominate me in the discussion post went straight to my head.
violetrose Name: Sophie
Age: 21
Location: Essex, England, United Kingdom
Religion: Catholic
Politics: Fiscally, a socialist for the most part, but socially moderate to conservative. Positions: Feminist, pro-choice, not exactly against gay marriage, but would like the State to merely issue civil unions for couples. Anti-porn/sex work, anti-drugs, etcetera.

I'd like to be a Mod, because I like this community and want to help keep it relatively civil and interesting. Not to mention, I like the idea of there actually being a Mod who isn't form North America, for more diversity regarding news sources, and likely political views.

I've created, and moderated a community before, although it wasn't anywhere near as active as this one, but I'm happy to get the Mod-hammer out when needed, to quell wank or provide warnings. I'm on here quite a lot, and so will be good for approve or deny post submissions, and will try my best to avoid reposts.
I'm also a bit of a nightowl, for the most part, and in a different timezone, so can help out with approving posts sooner, if need be.

nrchst Name: nrchst | Sophia A_____

+ I'm a Mod of two communities (ontd_science & thesovereignty. I've gotten thesovereignty up and running from scratch, and have helped ontd_science grow from ~250 members in the few short months I've been there. This adds up to srs networking and experience when it comes to being a mod. I'm even handed - very patient and understanding despite my usual loling @ everything demeanor. I prefer working behind the scenes, but I'm a team player and easy to get along with. You guys already have an established system of Moddery I'm sure, and I'm cool with that.

+ I have an 8+ year love affair with CSS/HTML and ~3 years with Photoshop. I designed everything you see in thesovereignty, and the profile + layout of ontd_science. If you ever need help getting out kinks in those areas, I'm A+ to have around.

+ As an Anarchist, my political stances would bring something new to the table. The default position of Anarchism is GTFO OF MY LIFE, but I like to think I have a more intellectual approach. (See: I'm not a 15 year old about it.) I'm not an extremist, either - I see the benefit in Police, for example, and reaching out to other people as individuals rather than having the government doing it for us. I do believe in a more general hands-off-my-life policy, but I recognize the implications of this approach as a Dual (Canadian/American) citizen. As long there's no infringement on anyone else's life and the way they choose to live it, I don't see the need in intervention. Of course, I also realize that things aren't this black and white, and expecting people to leave each other to their own devices isn't always the most reasonable perspective. In light of that, government can make sense as a last resort in extreme situations where people are incapable of being responsible for themselves.

+ I've been a part of Livejournal since I was 15, which makes me fuckin' ancient in terms of hanging around. I've been a member of ontd_political for the past ~2yrs (on a different account), so I've been and grown with you in an - er - quiet sort of way. :) I'd love be more active around here, 'cause I love politics and how this community generally functions. ONTD_P is a pretty friendly community and it attracts a slew of people, which is awesome and a testament to how greasy you guys must've gotten the wheels.

+ I'm currently living in the U.S., but I usually stay up late (~3-4AM) and am a total workaholic dedicated to gettin'er done.

+ I'm not an idiot.

Regardless of whomever you guys choose, I love this community and appreciate all your hard work. So thank you for your dedication, the time you put into ONTD_P, and for your consideration of me as a Mod. :)

Best wishes,
- Sophia/nrchst
zuisa I will admit upfront that I am not the most active poster, and many might not recognize my username. But I do read every post and try to comment whenever I have anything relevant to say. I am currently living in China, and so I am online during hours when the US posting base is less active, and so would be able to approve posts during the quieter hours when the US mods are asleep. (I'm 13 hours ahead of EST!) I read lots and am level-headed, and this is basically my favorite community in the history of livejournal, and I feel like I could be a good addition to the moderator team!
wicked_g Ok, so.

Name: Gillian I_______

I currently live in Denmark, and have a deep rooted interest in China and South East Asia having grown up there, as well as Canadian news-basically, I loves me some news when it comes to Canada and SE Asia, and being in Denmark makes it possible for me to allow posts through at random times for the more ~international viewers of ontd_political.

Yay vote me!
missmary Things that would probably make me a good mod: I'm a news junky who reads news from all over the world - I'm based in the UK, so I read a lot from there; I'm from the US so I read lots from there; I'm extremely interested in Middle Eastern news so I read lots from there (especially from Israeli and Palestinian sources); and I'm working towards a career in Africa so I read some from there. I live in Scotland, where I am studying International Relations, so I read news stories from all over the world and because of that I tend to know at least most of the main news sites from most areas of the world and a lot of countries. I'm also extremely interested in protesting and activism, so I read a lot of indie media (both actual Indymedia and other independent stuff). I'm a huge night owl and insomniac who is online all the time. I'm not a liberal, but am a non-specific leftist (and, if you don't mind me saying, while I agree that most of ONTD_p is not conservative, I think a more leftist voice might be nice. Just my opinion, of course!)

Things that might not make me a great mod: Although I live in Scotland, I'm from the US originally. Because I am on UK time, I'm five hours later than the US East Coast, meaning my night owlness might not actually help people in the US. I'm not a conservative. I'm not very well known in the community and don't often post actual entries, though I comment.

Technically that's two paragraphs (and now a sentence, oh nooo). Figured I'd throw my hat in the ring before you closed the post. Thanks, current lovely mods!
dancesontrains I'm already fairly active in the community (I keep the comm open in a tab, and always read even if I don't comment.) I'm also international (British) and spend a fair bit of time on the internet/lj. Politically I'm liberal by European standards, although personally I'm conservative in some matters. (I'm Hindu, and would like to avoid having an abortion personally due to my belief that a soul arrives in the body at conception, but that does not mean that the mother should be forced to do anything she doesn't want to. Unfortunatly, that does mean that more female foetuses are aborted than male ones, and often just for beig female and therefore a drain on the family's money or social status. In conclusion, people can utterly suck).

Oh dear, it said a paragraph /o\ Anyway, I would try and make sure that people would feel comfortable commenting about controversial subjects (just like I always have) and keep up the high standard. Hopefully with fewer digressions. Thank you for your time!

Candidates feel free to campaign for the next day, results will be finalized at noon tomorrow - at which point there will be a party post. People can CHANGE their vote up until then.
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