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Mayor digs in after Twitter appeal

Need help from city hall? If you are looking for a quick response, you might want to send a "tweet" as well as making that customary phone call.

The daughter of a 65-year-old Newark man did just that when she used Twitter to directly ask Mayor Cory Booker to help shovel her dad's driveway on New Years Eve.

Ravie Rave, otherwise known as @BigSixxRaven on Twitter, was at work and could not help her father shovel, so she sent a tweet to the mayor asking for assistance.

Five minutes later Booker messaged her back.

"I will do it myself where does he live?”

With over 1 million followers, Booker is one of the most active and followed politicians on Twitter, the popular social networking micro blog.

“Please @BigSixxRaven don’t worry bout ur dad,” Booker tweeted. “Just talked 2 him & I’ll get 2 his Driveway by noon. I’ve got salt, shovels & great volunteers.”

Twenty minutes after reading the first tweet, Booker knocked on the father’s door with a shovel in hand. He even had volunteers pitch in to help after seeing the conversation on Twitter.

Once the driveway was cleared, Rave tweeted back to Booker.

“My daddy is a happy man,” she wrote. “He took pictures of his Mayor shoveling his driveway! lol”


What a cute story!! I love him and his twitter is one of my favorites
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