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Microchip reunites woman and lost cat after two years

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY - It is a success story full of love, as a pet owner and her beloved cat are reunited after years apart.

The key to getting the cat back was a tiny microchip.

Deitra Jones says she always knew she'd see Fluffy again. Her precious Himalayan wandered out the door two years ago in Oldsmar. Dietra was heartbroken without him.

"When he first left, we had fliers made," she said. "We went door to door in every single house
in the neighborhood, trying to find him."

Dietra even contacted a pet psychic, who she said "almost" succeeded. When she looked in one spot, people told her Fluffy had been there just the day before.

"So the pet psychic had the location right," Dietra said, "but the timing was literally 24 hours off."

After two years, they are finally reunited because of technology and good thinking. Dietra had Fluffy microchipped and registered, and when Fluffy was brought to a shelter, the workers found Dietra easily, despite the time and the distance from home.

"I was shocked," Dietra said about learning that Fluffy had been found. "I was in Costa Rica. We weren't even going to check e-mail, we were, you know, on holiday."

Now Fluffy has lots of pampering in store.

"[I] just always felt in my heart he'd come back to me, somehow, some way," Dietra said.

It may have been partly fate, but in the end, it was the microchip that made the difference, reuniting these best of friends.

The Humane Society of Tampa Bay will microchip a pet for the low cost of $15.

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