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Oooh, How ~EDGY!~

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In the 2010 media landscape, you are nobody if you're not maximizing your brand by messaging across multiple platforms and leveraging your Twitter presence and increasing your virality and Tumblarity and crap like that. So, credit the cretinous, anti-gay misanthropes at the Westboro Baptist Church for getting with the program and extending their brand identity with a new foray into viral song parody. Via Kansas City's The Pitch comes this latest creative semi-stillbirth from Fred Phelps' crew, a parody of Lady GaGa's "Poker Face," reworked as a reminder that the Martian monkey-god they worship hates everything and everybody.

The Westboro Baptist Church sermonizes: "However questionable they may be, Lady Gaga's talents were given to her by God; in return, she defies Him with all she does. This parody puts the truth to her 'Poker Face.'"

The song, which will give you an idea of what Lady Gaga's music would sound like if it were sung by somebody who is both tone-deaf and completely dead inside, features lyrics like: "You got a whorish face, it's a whorish face," and "God hates you." It's a banger!

[Listen @ Source]

It's like they're caught in a bad romance...with synergy!
Tags: homophobia, irl troll, lol wut, music, satire, stupid people, you stay classy
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