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Buried in Sally Quinn's Washington Post piece calling for accountability at the White House over the revelation that a third person managed to crash the White House state dinner for the Indian Prime Minister is speculation that White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is considering a run for mayor of Chicago.

Quinn, who believes White House social secretary Desiree Rogers should resign over the party-crashing incident, wonders if it's Emanuel's political calculations that may be shielding her:

Emanuel, the most political animal in this town, also should understand that keeping Rogers on as social secretary reflects upon the president's judgment. It's possible that he has other considerations. Emanuel is said to have told people that the chief-of-staff role is an 18-month job and that he is considering a run for mayor of Chicago. And Rogers is a major social and political player in the Windy City.

Rogers' friends and colleagues have defended her performance at the dinner.
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