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White House budget director ditched pregnant girlfriend for ABC News gal

President Obama’s budget guru has a secret love child — with the woman he jilted for his hot new fiance, The Post has learned.

White House budget director Peter Orszag’s ex, shipping heiress Claire Milonas, gave birth to little Tatiana Zoe in New York Nov. 17. That was just six weeks before Orzsag and ABC news babe Bianna Golodryga gleefully announced their engagement on national TV and in the press.

Orszag and Milonas, the daughter of New York-based Greek shipping magnate Spiros Milonas, were a serious item when he met the stunning Golodgryga at the White House correspondence dinner.

‘‘Claire told Peter she was pregnant, and he said he’d marry her — and then something went wrong,’’ a source close to the situation told The Post.

Orszag and Milonas released this statement:

"We were in a committed relationship until the spring of 2009. In November, Claire gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Although we are no longer together, we are both thrilled she is happy and healthy, and we would hope that everyone will respect her privacy."

‘‘Orszag knocked up (Claire,) and now is dumping her to marry Bianna,’’ another insider said.

Claire’s family and close-knit inner circle were stunned by Orszag’s boorish behavior — and her tycoon dad, 82, hit the roof.

‘‘He had to be calmed down,’’ recalled one close family friend.

Milonas, a brainy Yale grad and Harvard MBA who had her own venture capital firm, was three months pregnant when Orszag kicked her to the curb.

A source close to Orszag disputed the idea that Claire got jilted or that there were hard feelings. "The relationship was clearly over before he met Bianna," said the source.

The source said Orszag's relationship with Milonas ended in March, more than a month before the Correspondents' dinner, and that Orszag and Gologyrga didn't start dating until about a month after they met.


Orszag, you dog!

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