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Black Republican Not Welcomed To The Tea Party... Oh Wait, is Michael Steele... Still Not Welcomed.

Local Tea Party co-founder doesn’t want Steele ‘out there with the tea partiers.’

Yesterday on Fox News, RNC chair Michael Steele said that if he wasn’t currently leading the Republican Party, he’d join the ranks of the far right tea party protesters. “As I like to tell people — long before there was this big push on tea parties — if I wasn’t doing this job, I’d be out there with the tea partiers,” he said. This afternoon, Fox’s Neil Cavuto hosted Quincy, IL Tea Party co-founder Steve McQueen and asked him whether Steele would be welcome. “Not quite, Neil,” McQueen replied:
CAVUTO: Retired Army Sergeant First Class and tea party activist Steve McQueen saying, “Not so fast Mr. Steele.” He joins me right now. Steve, you would say “not quite,” right?

MCQUEEN: Not quite, Neil. Actually the Tea Party is, I liken that to an army of Davids which I am only one. I do confer with Tea Party organizations all over the country so I feel confident that I understand what the movement’s about and as I understand it right now, the GOP is currently on probation with the American people and obviously you can’t be on probation and probably be a member of the Tea Parties at the same time.
Watch it:

What about all of the other prominent GOP politicians who have been at tea party protests? What makes Steele different from them, I wonder?
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