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The Golden Girls Take on Gay Marriage

Could there be a more gay-friendly show with an entirely straight cast than The Golden Girls? A favorite of the LGBT crowd, not to mention those with weekend hangovers that love the ten-hour marathons on the Hallmark channel, The Golden Girls is proving relevant once again, if not for a 60-second lesson on the issue of marriage equality.

It's pretty funny thinking that a show from the 1980s could have been so far ahead of its time that it took on the issue of gay marriage, almost two decades before it became a reality (and at that, only in a few states). But Blanche, Sofia, Dorothy and Rose hit the gay rights issues pretty hard. Which might be why the show created a generation of homosexuals, at least according to some witty folks.

Here's the Girls' take on marriage equality. Blanche (Rue McClanahan) has a gay brother who wants to get married, and she can't understand why. She can accept him being gay, but why does he have to (in the immortal words of Beyonce) "put a ring on it."


Enter Sofia (Estelle Getty), the television grandmother to end all television grandmothers. She asks Blanche why straight folks get married, and she answers that it's because they love each other, and want to make a lifetime commitment to each other.

"That's what [gay couples] want too. Everyone wants someone to grow old with, and shouldn't everyone have that chance?" Sofia asks.

Ah, retro heartwarming. Check out the clip below

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