The Analyzer (acmeeoy) wrote in ontd_political,
The Analyzer

The European Right, Is Meeting At Night, Doing Their Little Bigot Thing!

With ever increasing right-wing support across Europe, a New Solidaristic Alternative (N-SA) meeting of neo-nazi supporters, musicians and politicians, may be an insight into things to come.

Its a quiet evening in the Flemish town of Moerbrugge and an extreme right-wing meeting is taking place. The leader of the N-SA is Eddy Hermy, a former member of the outlawed Flemish Militant Order.

Hosting todays convention he rallies the crowd, "In our streets, girls are raped, molested and insulted by gangs of immigrants."

One of the guest speakers is Axel Reitz, a German national-socialist. Convicted of hatred towards Jews, possession of weapons and wearing nazi-symbols, he is the guest of honour, "We are fighting today to preserve Europe as the continent of the white race for our shared 1,000-year-old Arian culture."

Headlining the event is the ultra right wing, Italian band Ultima Frontiera, whose lead singer Allesandro sums up the feeling of the crowd, "Were proud to be fascist."

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