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Charles Johnson Got Threats After Breaking With Right, Relocated

Prominent blogger Charles Johnson announced last month on his blog, Little Green Footballs, that he had "parted ways with the right." He gave a list of reasons, including "support for fascists ... support for bigotry ... hatred, and white supremacism ... support for anti-science bad craziness" and "support for conspiracy theories and hate speech.

Some conservative readers were apparently not pleased with Johnson's critique. In a profile of Johnson, the LA Times reports that the blogger moved into a gated community partly due to violent right-wing threats.
As I talked to Johnson in his office, an alert flashed on one of his two giant computer monitors. An angry screed targeting him on another website concluded: "I think a visit to Mr. Johnson's home might be warranted. Anybody got his address?"

Such veiled threats are at least one reason why Johnson, 56, relocated not long ago. He remains in the Los Angeles area, but now is in a gated community.


I love how the Right Wingers were so kind as to so blatantly prove Johnson's point for him.
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