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Right-Wing Radio Host Incensed That ‘Butt Sniffer’ Michael Steele Canceled Appearance On Her Show

There was significant media speculation yesterday when embattled Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele abruptly canceled a noon interview with ABC News. According to ABC’s Rick Klein, Steele backed out just 30 minutes before he was scheduled to talk to him. The RNC said that the scheduling conflict was because of a noon meeting at the organization, but officials stressed that it wasn’t an “emergency” meeting.

Less discussed was the fact that Steele also canceled an interview with conservative radio host and Tea Party activist Dana Loesch, whose show airs Monday-Friday at 7:00 p.m. CT. Loesch was incensed when Steele canceled his interview with her, writing on Twitter that it was indicative of his failure to connect with Tea Party protesters:

She also
gave props to Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO) for keeping her interview, writing, “So out of @clairecmc and @chairmanmsteele , McCaskill is the one who keeps her interview. #steelefail”

Loesch ended up doing
a “fake” interview with Steele, where she asked the questions she was planning to ask and then also gave mock answers as the RNC chairman, whom she called a “butt sniffer” for standing her up. While the interview was fake, Loesch’s mock answers for Steele reflected real dissatisfaction with the RNC — which initially backed Republican Dede Scozzafava in the NY-23 special election instead of far-right favorite Conservative Doug Hoffman — from the Tea Party movement. Some highlights from fake Michael Steele in the interview:
– “I’m probably very likely most definitely going to get fired from the GOP because instead of using opportunities like the crotch bomber and instead of using opportunities like the fact that Democrats have shut the doors and refused to allow the public to view the debate going on between reconciling the House and the Senate bill — instead of doing that, I’m out promoting my stupid book!

– “I said in an interview previously that I had this book written before I even became chairman of the Republican Party. Ha ha! In fact, I became chairman Republican Party just so I would have a platform to go out and sell my book. Because I’m going to tell you something, Dana. You see my book here? It’s called “Right Now.” It doesn’t sound so awesome when you’re like, ‘Oh, here’s a book by the Lt. Gov. of Maryland!’ It sounds way much more awesomer to say, ‘Here’s a book by the Chairman of the Republican Party!’”

– “Oh, it’s because I am cool, Dana. What up? I know that you saw the original title to my blog. It was called, ‘What up?’ That’s hip, that’s fresh young talk.

Loesch responded to fake Steele by asking, “Why should we believe in you? Let’s look at what you’ve done. We don’t have a clear leader for 2012. We don’t even have a clear leader congressionally for 2010. The RNC screwed up NY-23. The RNC has failed to get behind Scott Brown adequately; they haven’t give him enough support. You endorsed Dede Scozzafava for crying out loud! You guys come in and you try to co-opt this movement and that movement. You have egg on your face. Donations to the RNC are down.” Watch it:


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