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Prop 8 Bigots Go to U.S. Supreme Court to Block Trial Broadcast

The Courage Campaign delivered 140,671 letters/petitions to Judge Vaughn Walker requesting that the Prop 8 trial be televised in response to his request for comments on exactly that issue. Earlier this week, Walker delivered an early ruling that the trial would be provided by delayed broadcast on YouTube.

Prop 8 backers filed an emergency petition on Friday to block broadcast of the trial. They have been denied.

Prop 8 supporters have gone to the U.S. Supreme Court to block broadcast of trial proceedings after Judge Walker's rejection of their requests:

In a filing to Justice Anthony Kennedy, they asked for a stay to halt Judge Vaughn Walker's plans to show the trial, which starts on Monday, pending their plans to petition the Supreme Court via a writ of certiorari.

In a filing from chief counsel Charles Cooper, they reiterated their argument that the plans for televised coverage diverges from "long standing policy of the Judicial Conference of the United States," but they also go further and claim that it is the result of "unlawful process used to ensure that the proceedings in this particular case would be broadcast, regardless of the consequences."

They claim that the plans for cameras would cause witnesses "irreparable harm," and undermine the chance for a fair trial. They also argue that the idea of a broadcast --- made possible by a recently launched pilot program --- was put into place without the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals conducting a full review, including comments from the public.

Yusef Robb, spokesman for American Foundation for Equal Rights, sent out an email saying that Olson and Boies have a brief period in which to respond:

"In a last gasp attempt to keep cameras out of court, the Defendant-Intervenors in Perry v. Schwarzenegger have made an emergency application to the Supreme Court asking Justice Kennedy to block camera coverage.We have been asked to file a response by 12:00 Eastern on Sunday, January 10.

"Those who want to ban gay marriage spent millions of dollars to reach the public with misleading ads, rallies and news conferences during the campaign to pass Prop. 8. We are curious why they now fear the publicity they once craved," said Chad Griffin, Board President of the American Foundation for Equal Rights. "Apparently transparency is their enemy, but the people deserve to know exactly what it is they have to hide."


PS: I used the picture above to showcase their willingness to go out into the public with vote yes on 8 signs, however they are now not willing to publicly spew their bs which makes zero sense. NOM, the group itself, has already stated they will most likely lose the case which is very interesting yet they don't want the cameras there.
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