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Vibrators and Safer Sex Superheroes Heat Up Winter Olympics

Even before the competition begins next month, the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, are already generating some international buzz, not for the sport but rather for the sex.


The Vancouver Sun reports that a group of safer-sex harm-reduction organizations have banded together to form SafeGames2010 through which more than 200 volunteers dressed as superheroes will hand out more than 250,000 safer sex kits to residents, athletes, and visitors. Captain Condom, the Always-Protected Crusader, Pink Storm, Epidemiology Guy, and others will be stationed, capes and all, at high-traffic points throughout the city to hand out the kits, which will include condoms, lube, lip balm, hand warmers, glow sticks, and other safety-related items. In a press release issued today, SafeGames2010 said their goal is "to educate and inform people about behavior risks associated with drug use, alcohol consumption, and sex; and to provide them with strategies and information to reduce those risks." More than 500,000 people are expected to convene on Vancouver for the games.



At least one local purveyor of sex toys is taking advantage of this unprecedented marketing opportunity. Womyn's Ware, an east Vancouver shop, has launched an incentive campaign for athletes and tourists alike. Shop co-owner Janna Sylvest says that all medal-winning athletes will receive a free vibrator. In addition, any Olympic ticket holder will receive a 10 percent discount on any purchases made at Womyn's Ware, and members of the media will receive a $5 coupon. The shop is even marketing a five-pack of cock rings that can, of course, be used to make your own Olympic logo. For Sylvest, sex and sport go naturally together. "Both sex and sporting activities are excellent cardiovascular endeavours and statistically I've read that sex is more often engaged in during the Winter months, just like the luge," she said.


While Olympic officials have declined to comment, they may want to begin considering some additional competition events to capitalize on all this buzz.

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