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World Nuts Daily Goest Super Nuts: American Calendars Being Used to Forcibly Convert Us Into Islam!

Americans Rightwingnuts 'incensed' by U.S. calendars promoting Islamic New Year Dec. 7th

"A date which will live in infamy."

That's how President Franklin Roosevelt immortalized Dec. 7, 1941, the day Japanese forces stunned the U.S. with a sudden attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, prompting the U.S. to jump into the Second World War.

Just don't expect to find any mention of that on your calendar this year.

Nearly seven decades after the onslaught, many U.S. calendars produced by American companies are ignoring Pearl Harbor Day, and are displaying instead the Islamic New Year on Dec. 7.

Even calendars promoting the Holy Bible take note of the Muslim observance, while completely omitting the day on which more than 2,000 Americans lost their lives in the surprise attack.

"I have a Psalms calendar, which has a Bible verse on each month's picture, made by BrownTrout Publishers, Inc., and it also has Dec. 7 as the Islamic New Year. No mention of Pearl Harbor Day," said Donna Brandt of Marshalltown, Iowa. "I am incensed and will be giving the BrownTrout Publishers a piece of my mind! Thank you for calling my attention to this blasphemy."

There they go again, trying to remake America! Put Ronald Reagan on your car or in your office and fight the socialist nightmare before it kills the American dream!

Jim Jones of Waco, Texas, also bought a BrownTrout calendar, and says, "We are going to get rid of it. I think I am going back to the store where we bought it (Petsmart) and ask for my money back. I do not want to honor a bunch of fanatics who are trying to kill us infidels. My thinking is all Islamists, if they believe and follow the Quran, are fanatics, and I have no use for them."

WND obtained several calendars from a variety of publishers, including San Francisco-based BrownTrout, which bills itself as the largest calendar publisher in the world, producing about 1,000 separate varieties each year.

In its 2010 Bible calendar, which features a 1563 painting of the Tower of Babel on its cover, the Dec. 7 entry specifies "Islamic New Year," with Pearl Harbor Day completely absent.

Perusing the rest of its December page, the BrownTrout calendar notes Dec. 23 is the "Emperor's Birthday" in Japan, Dec. 26 is when Kwanzaa begins as well as St. Stephen's Day in Ireland, and Dec. 27 is a "Bank Holiday" in the United Kingdom. Popular observances such as Christmas Day and New Year's Eve are also included on Dec. 25 and 31, respectively.

"Pearl Harbor day is not a federal holiday," said Mrs. Wendover Brown, owner of BrownTrout, which excludes mention of Pearl Harbor from all its datekeepers. "It's a day of mourning which is not normally indicated as a holiday."

She admitted, "We've had many, many letters questioning our patriotism," and called it an "unfortunate overlap" that Islamic New Year, which is a floating, lunar-based observance, happens to fall on Dec. 7 of this year.

"I apologize to anyone who feels we were unpatriotic or dismissive of Pearl Harbor Day. We're not," she told WND. "We're a very patriotic company and we're very American. Tolerance is a good quality of the plurality of our country."

"We feel that the purpose of a calendar is to alert people when regular business is closed," she continued. "We certainly don't have a political agenda to impose. We apologize if our products have not reflected the wonderful country we all enjoy. We will be reviewing holiday citations on our products for future editions. We will promise to be responsive to what our consumers tell us."

Brown, 56, says her own brother is a 27-veteran of the U.S. Marines, and is about to retire next month from his post at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida.

She also points out that within 10 days of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, her company produced two special calendars to raise some $741,000 for the Uniformed Firefighters of Greater New York to help families of the heroes killed in the line of duty.

"We gave so much money to that fund, they said they couldn't take any more because they were having trouble distributing it," she said.

WND: Do you really wanna read the rest? If you are Brave follow the link...
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