Maree (ms_maree) wrote in ontd_political,

Tiger advocate mauled to death by pet

So, Darwin awards?

A Canadian man has been mauled to death by a 295-kilogram tiger after winning a lengthy legal battle for the right to keep exotic pets, police said.

Norman Buwalda, 66, was found dead in the tiger's pen on his property in rural Ontario on Sunday afternoon, Ontario Provincial Police Constable Troy Carlson said.

"He had gone in to feed the tiger and possibly had been attacked," Mr Carlson said, indicating there were no witnesses.

"A family member found him dead in the tiger's cage.

"We don't know what may have provoked or caused the attack.

Mr Buwalda had also kept two lions and a cougar, police said.

In 2004, a tiger attack on a 10-year-old boy visiting the property sparked a ban on keeping wild animals as pets.

The boy was hospitalised after reportedly slipping and falling near one of Mr Budwalda's tigers, which had been brought out of its cage on a heavy chain to be photographed for the boy's school report on Mr Buwalda's exotic pets.

Mr Buwalda challenged the ban in court, and won.

An Ontario Superior Court judge ruled the bylaw was flawed and too broad.

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