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I am Blagosonfoabitch And I am Bigger than Obama...

Blago Apology: Blagojevich Sorry For 'Blacker Than Obama' Remarks (VIDEO)

Rod Blagojevich apologized Monday morning for his "stupid, stupid, stupid" comments, reported in Esquire magazine, that he's "blacker than Barack Obama."

Using the word "stupid" dozens of times in an ad hoc five-minute press conference, the former Illinois governor called his comments a "metaphor," but defended the spirit behind them. He claimed that his comments were expressing a frustration with Barack Obama's policies, bailing out the banks but leaving everyday people behind.

"This administration is bailing out the banks, bailing out Wall Street crooks...and ordinary people are not getting a fair shake," Blagojevich said. "So while I apologize for that stupid metaphor, the frustration that I expressed is very real.

"I'm very sorry if I offended anybody by saying it the way I said it."

While he took full responsibility for the Obama remarks, saying "I'm not going to blame anyone but me," he denied having made other incendiary statements in a href="http://www.esquire.com/features/people-who-matter-2010/rod-blagojevich-interview-0210" target="_hplink">the Esquire piece, specifically referring to Attorney General Lisa Madigan and her father, Speaker Mike Madigan.

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