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Teen booted off flight for wearing impractical shoes


A British teenager was forced to wear plastic bags on her feet by airport security because her Goth boots were considered a terror risk.

Booted off plane for scary shoes

Steal plates? Look at those spikes!

The 19-year-old, identified only as Sara M. for legal reasons, was trying to board a plane to Austria to visit her boyfriend when she was detained at Gatwick airport because of her boots. The Goth shoes had steel plates riveted to the outside and could be used as a weapon on flight staff, the Croatian Times reports.

 Authorities questioned the teen for an hour before allowing her to board another flight to Vienna only after she removed her boots and hand them in as luggage.

She was then provided with plastic bags to cover her feet as she crossed the frozen runway to board the plane.

“I was crying because I was so angry … I will never forget what happened,” she said.

Waaaaa, the boots have Goth to go.


I have a pair of those, except they're mid-calf, they are the most impractical things to fly in.

I'm kind of wondering if this is a hoax as well. Can't find the original story.
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