'Crazy' Carrie (crazycarrie2006) wrote in ontd_political,
'Crazy' Carrie


The Haitian ambassador to the United States, Raymond Joseph, appeared on Rachel Maddow last night and responded to televangelist Pat Robertson's comments that Haiti had made a "pact to the devil."

Robertson had contended that the Haitians had made a deal with the devil in order to overthrow the French in 1804.

Joseph responded that that "pact" lead to the Louisiana Purchase.

"So what pact the Haitian made with the devil has helped the United States become what it is," he said.

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett also responded to Robertson's comments.

"I'm kind of speechless about that kind of remark," Jarrett said. "Our heart goes out to the people of Haiti. ... That's not the attitude that expresses the spirit of the president or the American people, so I thought it was a pretty stunning comment to make.

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