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How much political power does Jon Stewart have?

Bill O'reilly devoted a segment of Wednesday's show to discuss Jon Stewart political power and how much it actually influences young people. Of course, we all now that *that* has never been done before and that it's a very original subject. For someone who thinks Jon is invalid, he sure spends a lot of time mentioning him. You can watch it here on Fox News's website:

He also, of course, mentiones that the audience of The Daily Show are 'Koolaid drinkers'(I'm not american, wtf is that?), that they have no real interest in politics whatsoever, and generally suggests that they are unable to think on their own. This is not new, however, last time Bill was proved wrong by a survey that showed The Daily Shows viewers were actually more informed about the news, than Fox News's viewers. He apoligized on The Daily Show, after Jon gentle promted him too, which is why it's odd that he does it again.

Just thought I would post it here, since I find it interesting that O'reilly would actually spend time thinking about someone he finds so unimportant.

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