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More Prop 8, Commentary, links and liveblogging sources galore

Ok, If anyone wants to keep up on this trial they have many resources to choose from now.  Prop 8 Trial Tracking has provided some excellent links to read up on with some excerpts from each source. There are six liveblog posts now @ prop8trialtrackers [Awesome!!!!] 

This is from Julia Rosen @ Prop 8 trialtracker.
If the readers tonight have time for only one thing, I urge you to read the comments on Rick’s fifth liveblog post today. I dare you not to get verklempt.

Excerpt: "Reading this stuff about concealment is eye opening, indeed. I’m a straight guy and most of my best friends are gay. But I work in a very conservative environment and I find myself concealing my friendships (or aspects of them) on a regular basis during routine, mundane water-cooler conversations." (read more...
* Over at the New Yorker, Margaret Talbot digs into one of “more tortured rationales ever advanced for banning same-sex marriage” that it seems the defendants are planning on using:
In a 2005 case called Morrison v. Sadler, an appellate court in Indiana concluded that same-sex couples with children did not need marriage because they were already so stable—it was so expensive and complicated for them to adopt or conceive a child that they were bound to stay together. [WTF!] “By contrast,” the court observed, “procreation by ‘natural’ reproduction may occur without any thought for the future.” The stork could come calling on heterosexual couples without invitation, and when it did, marriage helped ensure that the surprised progenitors would stay around to raise the children.

* Syd Peterson covering over at LGBT POV and has a good post on this morning’s testimony by Edwin Eagan.
one comment made here gives me a lot of hope" The cross-examination of Egan was roundly criticized by observers, with NCLR’s Kate Kendell tweeting, ‘Patterson does not know how to conduct a cross examination, great time to learn.’ Dan Levine described … Judge ‘Walker clearly frustrated with pace: tells Patterson to cross “the old-fashioned way” instead of taking the witness’s deposition.’ Levine later noted, ‘Walker just prompted Patterson again. This is getting a little embarrassing.
[I can't recall where but someone made a very valid point that the Plantiffs are introducing everything now in case this does go to SCOTUS, for one they can't introduce new testimony there and secondly- somehow- the economical impact has a large impact on the case at that stage. I will see if I can find the rational.]

* The Mercury has been doing some liveblogging of their own and has a central location for their blogs, articles and a #Prop8 twitter feed.
Experts again headline Proposition 8 trial : The impact of the same-sex marriage ban on local governments and on the mental health of gay and lesbian couples is cited in testimony as the groundbreaking trial heads into today, when fireworks are expected in the testimony of a controversial Proposition 8 proponent.
* Teddy Partridge over at FDL has an powerful post called “The ‘Private Hell’ of an Inauthentic Life”, which uses Dr. Meyer’s testimony to talk about the negative impact of having to hide who you love in every day life.
Imagine living like that, if you are straight. Imagine not ever using the word ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ to describe the person to whom you’re married and have a family. Imagine not being able to chime in on your military base when all your mates are talking about their girlfriends, or boyfriends if female.

Imagine, as another plaintiff said on Monday, being denied the common language of partnership in America.

And, further, think about being excluded from associations, events, places, and health and social services specifically designed to serve those of you who are attracted to someone of the incorrect gender, because you don’t want to reveal who you are.
[Fire Dog Lake is where I've been extracting some of the more extensive transcripts but they are written so fast they're almost illegible at times. So it's good to get a summary from Prop8TT then check the details at FDL.  Please take a look at some of these links and read up on some of commentary. Despite the lack of media attention or availibility, there are a lot of people blogging and commenting in the Internets. I think it's pretty moving. ]
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