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Iowa Bigots Protest/Republicans Introduce Resolution Proposing Constitutional Same-Sex Marriage ban

Iowa Bigots Protest and Republicans Introduce Resolution Proposing Constitutional Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Eighteen Iowa Republican lawmakers have introduced a resolution which proposes a constitutional amendment recognizing only marriages between one man and one woman as valid in the state, the Gazette reports:

Iowa “This starts the ball rolling. It’s imperative that the citizens of the state of Iowa have something that they can point to as a mechanism to start the ball rolling,” said Sen. Merlin Bartz, R-Grafton.

“Now that we’ve had this introduced in the Senate, they’ll have the opportunity to contact their legislators and ask them to support the Senate joint resolution,” he added.

However, Bartz conceded Senate Joint Resolution 2001 faces nearly insurmountable odds in being debated during the 2010 session – given the steadfast opposition from Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs.

“I appreciate that people feel strongly about this issue. I think people should advocate for the things that they believe in and I encourage them to do that,” Gronstal said. “I think I’ve been abundantly clear to people, I do not intend to take this up this session.

The resolution was assigned to the 11-member Senate Rules and Administration Committee, which is chaired by Gronstal and has seven majority Democratic members.

Meanwhile, Iowa wingnuts held a protest to coincide with the opening of the legislature demanding they be allowed to vote on marriage equality.

Ok, so the good news is the senate majority leader isn't having any of this and if it were to pass, it would be several years before they would even get a public vote. Also 30 something republicans tried to do this in DC recently but the high court said it was discriminatory to have the people vote on this matter. Now NOM is still trying very hard in DC and Iowa along with New Hampshire, Vermont, Conn. and Mass to get a people's vote as we speak.
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