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Help Haiti

Mods, if you could allow this, that would be fabulous and really appreciative. Thank you so much. If not, I completely understand.

I know if there's one community that's going to be passionate about helping Haiti right now, it's you guys. Hence why I am here asking for help.

help_haiti is a livejournal community created to raise money for the recent earthquake in Haiti. We are raising money via an online auction.

The rules are simple: if you are posting something to offer, you fill out a form in a comment for people to comment on. Make sure you comment on the correct post - the posts are organized by various categories. Then people bid on your item(s).

If you are doing the bidding, then you peruse the posts (separated by the type of services offered), and leave a comment naming the price you want to pay. Then, keep track of the thread to make sure your bid is the highest.

On January 20, the bidding stops and the highest bidder wins the item/service, just like an auction. However, instead of paying the user, you donate to a charity that is helping Haiti. You send a screencap that proves that you donated the money to the auctioneer, and then the auctioneer will send/make you your prize.

There's only about 800 members, with about 1000 people watching, which I think it pretty awesome.....but there's definitely room for improvement. There's 8,000+ members in here, and this is such an active community....I figured if I posted about it here, the numbers would definitely rise.

You can bid on literally ANYTHING. Fanvideos, fanfictions, fanmixes, graphics, tutoring services, handmade items, food, etc. The lists are endless. (I definitely recommend going over to the "misc" list, because one of the big items that people are offering are "x country/city in a box", and the person will ship a box full of items that represent their country or city. People are posting there from Japan, Israel, Africa, etc. It's really awesome.)

This is a really great opportunity for some of us poor college students in here, who really want to help out but have no money to do so. You could make graphics, write a story, etc. and raise money that way for Haiti. Or, reversely, if you're not too skilled in any area but want to put your money for a good cause, you'll get a gift in reverse.

Please, please consider joining and posting your services/bids. help_haiti would really appreciate it, and so would the people in Haiti right now.

Below are my specific threads where I am offering my services/items, if you are interested.

Here, Here, Here, and Here
ETA: I am now offering Philadelphia in a Box!

Thank you.

(P.S. If any of you know of any communities that you think this should be posted in, please feel free to tell me and I'll try and post in there. Or, if you want, just take this information yourself and post it in those communities. I included some facts about ontd_political, so make sure you change those ;). If you take it yourself and post it, just let me know, okay? Thanks. :D)
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