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60 people are found alive in a collapsed supermarket in Haiti!

I just heard about this on Today Weekend. There is a Turkish search and rescue team that an American S&R team from South Florida has teamed up with to search a collapsed supermarket.

They have received a text message from one of the people in an air pocket. There is 60 people with them. They have food but need water so they got them a water hose.

Thus far, I think this is the largest amount of people who have or are being rescued from the earthquake.

This story is being used as a symbol of hope in Haiti.

As soon as possible I want to get a video of that story. It just aired about five minutes ago. The following is the only news article I found the story on.


Saturday, Jan 16, 2010 @09:41pm CST

853 am..A Search and rescue team from turkey gingerly looks for an entry point.
At minimum, they're trying to create an air hole for the living..
It as the height of the shopping day when the five story super market collapsed.
Nat sound metal twists
Inside, teams say they are signs of life.
Nat sound camera is behind me and fadel..we point and talk. Quick sound pop
Fadel Almaghrabi sister in law was inside. He's held vigil here since the quake..He's weary but optimistic. Mirelle Ditmer is still alive.
"I know that she's a fighter, she will live for her kids."
9:53 am..An american team joins the Turks..33 members from the so fl urban search and rescue task force begin an assessment. "You go in one section and if they're not there, you go somewhere else"
With the help of blueprints they're building the structure backwards to see where air pocket may have trapped survivors.
From the roof..they Enter a hole. Slither on their stomachs 5 feet to another hole. Drop down and create another hole.
"Me and the other brothers worked for about 2 and a half hours to get through about 12 inches of concrete."
It's slow, claustrophobic work in the dark.
"It's a little nerve racking to know that if there are tremors it could change quickly."
10:07am. The American team says they can absolutely confirm two are still alive. They talked to
A 17 year old girl who says she is with a boy.
Sot-charlie from the so fl team talks of their thirst.
"They're telling us right now they're not hurt, they're just thirsty."
And that fear of tremors comes true. At 10:59am for 11 terrifying seconds the ground shakes."Get away from the pile."
17 minutes later (11:16am) a frantic phone call.
"Where we are digging we are on the right track."
Cellphone signals penetrate the pancaked debris.
And text messages are relayed to the command post.

Sot:and he said there's a lot of people with him. They're alive? They're fine. High five.
"There's how many people alive? Sixty. Sixty? Yes, sixty."
For 5 hours, the americans and the turks dig.
While in south FL, Murills sons Richy and Micky anxiously wait for news of their mother.
Finally a water truck arrives. Teams snake a hose down to survivors.
This rescue effort is now a symbol of Haiti's hope.

UPDATE: They are still pulling people out of the 5 story supermarket but it looks like the 60 might have been a mistranslation. Rescue crews pull 2 more from Haitian market:
Crews had located the pair on Sunday afternoon and worked to get them out, NBC's Kerry Sanders reported from the scene.

One official coordinating the rescue efforts there told Sanders that a text message believed sent from under the rubble indicated that "more than 60" people were alive there. Officials later said that number was probably a mistake.

The supermarket's manager, Samer Tahmoush, estimated that there would have been around 75 to 100 shoppers inside the market in the Delmas neighborhood when the quake hit.

Even so, this is enormous good news. People are still being pulled alive and it is starting to add up.

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