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Okay, what the fuck Chile?

Billionaire Sebastian Pinera wins Chile presidency

SANTIAGO, Chile — Billionaire Sebastian Pinera has won Chile's election, becoming the nation's first democratically elected right-wing president in 52 years.

The ruling coalition's candidate Eduardo Frei conceded defeat Sunday after 60 percent of polling stations reported a 52 percent to 48 percent advantage for Pinera, ending two decades of center-left rule since the end of Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship.

"We will be guardians of liberty and of all our social victories," Frei said.

Pinera had a wide lead in every poll, and the race only tightened after Frei and outgoing President Michelle Bachelet repeatedly invoked the legacy of Pinochet, whose dictatorship was supported by parties that make up Pinera's coalition.
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I am so angry. FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU. Pinera claims he was "always against Pinochet" but that is a lie. And even if he is telling the truth, exactly one half of his ~Coalition for Change~ (the UDI) is a quasi-fascist Pinochet apologist party. Ugh. He made all of these absolutely ridiculous campaign promises (like 1 million jobs in FOUR YEARS--lol that's not gonna happen) and, like David Cameron in England, is basically the "nice" face of an unchanged (from the times of Pinochet) right wing.

Also, this popped up on my twitter feed: 
"en las calles se escucha un potente chi chi le le! viva Chile y Pinochet!"/"in the streets there are people yelling "Long live Chile and Pinochet" (rough translation) WHAT THE FUCK!?

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