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Haiti Times: A Night on Rue Berne:Living on the Streets

Garry Pierre-Pierre, a reporter of the Haiti Times who arrived on site a few days ago, writes about a night spent on the streets, and the historical human wrongs and failings that have made the natural disaster so much more deadly'
Jan 16, 2010

A Night on Rue Berne: Living on the Streets
by Garry Pierre-Pierre

PORT-AU-PRINCE – Dusk had barely set and already, the residents of Rue Berne, were making their beds. These bedrooms were makeshifts arranged neatly on one side of the streets, away from shaky walls and fragile home frames that remain so dangerous.

The men, erected barricades, leaving enough room for a vehicle to navigate the tiny canyon. Soon they share whatever pasta, or rice with smoke herring. A few hours later, mothers tucked their children on near their belly and they started lo listen to the news on battery operated transistor radios and by 8 P.M, some people had already began falling asleep.

...

Haiti Times is the online edition of the weekly English newspaper that caters to Haiti-Americans living in New York, USA.
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