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ontd_political has been SPOTLIGHTED!

First of all, welcome new members! We are an offshoot of ohnotheydidnt. You can expect snark, sexual objectification of politicians, inappropriate comments, wank, political gossip. We are a fun bunch though, lurk a bit, get the feel for the place, then join. We try our best to welcome everyone with different viewpoints.

Please check our info page and at least browse the rules before doing anything. A copy of the rules can also be found under the cut below.


Last Updated: 02.16.08

Here are the rules for ohnotheydidnt. The same rules apply here. We understand posts might turn into comment wars, but that is what this community is here for.

Harassment + Other. This is been an issue in the past so here is a clear rule. Taking it to personal journals = banned. Deleting other people's comments = banned. If you cannot take the heat, don't post. Members WILL call you out, don't expect to get off with making a blanket generalization and expect people to not call you on it. Also, no porn. Seriously now. That includes icons.

Trolls will be sent packing. "But I'm not a troll!" Sorry, but if your comments are that annoying that we think you're trolling, you're banned. We don't have time to sort out who's a "genuine" user and who isn't. If it's obvious from your profile that you're just here to be rude and/or "stir the shit" as it's said, you're gone.

What should I post? Any news that relates to politics, nation of origin does not matter. News, just in general, is also allowed.

Who can join? It doesn't matter if you are a member of ohnotheydidnt or not. If you enjoy political news and discussion, join and feel free to post anything that pertains to US or world politics. Anything from the separation of church and state, to the economy, to abortion, to the war in Iraq, to censorship, to gay rights, to religious news, to international politics, all topics are welcome. Not sure if it is worth posting? Submit your post anyways and a mod will decide.

Fascists, conservatives, moderates, progressives, liberals, communists, etc. are all welcome. You do not have to agree with everyone here.

Can I post editorials? Go ahead, but it must be from a legitimate source (mods will decide). Do not link to an article you wrote (This has happened). This is not your personal journal.

I've posted a long article. Should I LJ-cut it? YES. If your article is longer than a page length, put the majority of it behind a cut. It would also be a good idea to bold the important bits, it only takes a few "tl;dr" comments to figure out why you should.

Do I need to include a source? YES. Please source the permanent link and do not just link to's Main Page.

Can I hotlink pictures? NO. Upload to TinyPic if you do not know where to upload pictures to. Posts with hotlinking will be deleted 24 hours after a warning from a mod.

Are YouTube videos allowed? Yes, with the discretion of the mods. Additionally please do not put the video to 'auto play'.

Can I advertise other communities? Yes, within reason. We don't want a "JOIN MILEY_CYRUS_LOL" every page. If it has to do with politics, news, or debate, go ahead and post an entry about it.

Can I be a sexist/homophobic? To an extent. Obvious trolling will get you banned. Posting that you don't believe in Gay Marriage will not, but be prepared to back up your belief. If you cannot back it up, don't comment.

- Don't be an idiot.
- Don't be an idiot.
- Don't be an idiot.
- No Porn.

TAG YO SHIT. Tag your posts, it helps us and it helps you to find out what has already been posted. If the tag you want is not there, choose "other" and we will create a tag, or choose the appropriate one. There was discussion of making tags mandatory for a post to be let through the queue, I don't want that personally, so tag your posts and we won't have to make you do it. Simple.

We know what trolls are, don't be one. Our resident troll is afa_mom, we allow her to troll because it is damn hilarious, have fun.

Stand up for your position, expect to be called out. Calling people racial slurs, or other derogatory names is not cool bro. We will ban you. I will ban you.

YOUR BLOG IS NOT AN APPROPRIATE SOURCE. We are not your personal LJ, a blogspot is not an appropriate source. The mods handling the queue will determine if the source is appropriate or not, mod discretion.

Membership is moderated, posting is moderated. Fresh journals are not accepted, journals with little to no activity are not accepted. This is to prevent trolls. New to LJ and not a troll? Too bad so sad, still not going to be accepted, get your comment count up and as Aaliyah says, dust yourself off and try again.

ETA: This is our second spotlight, we have hopefully learned from last time. Stay strong bbs, stay strong.

ETA 2: If you have a problem, want to report something, CONTACT US at the mod community, at ONTDPolitical at gmail dot com, we have Twitters, we're around is what I am saying... If you complain, we will come. Usually pretty quickly, we are Field of Dreams like that yo.

ETA 3: I keep adding stuff D:, reminder that we have a jingle:

thus, ONTDP > LIFE. Join!
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