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Better a smartass then a dumbass

Glenn Beck's producer bolts for MSNBC.. Oh buuuurn...

A producer on Glenn Beck's 5PM Fox News show has left the network — for rival MSNBC.

TVNewser reports that Fox News veteran Gresham Streigel — who's worked on programs like "The Crier Report", "Your World with Neil Cavuto," and "Fox & Friends" before landing at "Glenn Beck" — left the network weeks ago after pushback from Beck's team.

Streigel now produces for David Shuster on MSNBC and "will eventually settle in to overseeing two dayside hours," the website reports.

Streigel's move is yet another sign of the fluidity of TV producers despite the polarity of TV hosts; Joy Behar's HLN show is staffed primarily by former producers of Glenn Beck's show on that network, for instance.

Tags: fox news, glenn beck, msnbc
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