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3 Shot Near Martin Luther King Events in San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO — Three people have been wounded when gunfire erupted near crowds attending Martin Luther King Jr. holiday activities in San Antonio.

The shooting happened about 4 p.m. Monday outside a Church's Fried Chicken restaurant in a commercial and retail strip along South New Braunfels Avenue, east of downtown San Antonio.

WOAI-TV in San Antonio quotes witnesses as saying several girls began fighting outside the restaurant when someone drew a gun and fired at least two shots.

The scene is near the end point of San Antonio's MLK Day march, which ended several hours earlier. WOAI-TV reports dozens of people at the restaurant ran for cover after hearing the shots.

No identities have been released of the injured, but early news reports quote police as saying none of the wounds appear to be life-threatening. The reports say two armed teenage boys have been taken into custody.

This is the only article I could find on this right now. I can't believe the way people act these days.
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