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OIC wut u did thar ~conservative billionaire~

Piñera cuts short an interview after being asked about selling his companies

The president-elect of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, Monday starred in his first brush with the press after a reporter from Chilevisión, the channel he owns, questioned him about the sale of his shares of LAN Airlines, according to El Mercurio Digital '.

The news director of TV channel, Fernando Paulsen, cleared, via Twitter, that the incident occurred after the journalist Ivan Nunez asked to Piñera on the sale of shares of the Chilean airline despite the prohibition of questioning the president elect on business issues.

"What I was told is that the reporter agreed to interview Sebastian Pinera, asking no questions about his companies. All agreed. Chilevisión was informed of this restriction and Ivan was doing the interview. Before that I reminded him of the limitation, but Ivan criticized it. This resulted in cancellation," Paulsen writes.

Channel Sources confirm the version of the director of information, saying that Nunez had to leave the premises and ask another colleague to conduct the interview in place of him for his refusal of the press services of Piñera to continue the conversation.

The journalist had already addressed this issue on other occasions, in the last in the election debate featuring former President Eduardo Frei and Pinera in which Nunez asked if he knew the "theory of Tarzan of not to drop a vine without picking up another."

The incident comes after Piñera himself announced he will relinquish shares of all the companies he owns before taking office on March 11, to pursue the management of the country independently of his personal interests. However, in the case of Chilevisión, he noted that he will not lose the property but will create a foundation that will occupy it during his administration.

The article is translated roughly (really roughly. If I failed on an epic level or otherwise, tell me so. Por favor) from Spanish, because I couldn't find any English sources that reported this (cause all the English sources are probably too busy jizzing over the fact that ~Free market paradise Chile has turned to the right again yayayayay~). You can still read it here in the original Spanish.

Bachelet >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> THIS STRANGER BITCH.

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