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H-E-B Grocery joins the Haiti Relief Movement

H-E-B joins Haiti relief effort

San Antonio - H-E-B is joining the Haiti relief effort and making it easy for customers to make donations. Donation tear pads are now available at H-E-B checkstands across San Antonio and the state.

One hundred percent of the donations will support American Red Cross emergency relief efforts in Haiti. Donations of $1, $3, or $5 can be added to a grocery bill.

H-E-B also made a $100,000 donation. "We are deeply saddened by this tragedy, and our prayers are with the millions of people affected by this natural disaster. It is our hope that H-E-B's donation, along with our loyal customers' support, will aid Haitians during their recovery," said Winell Herron, group vice president of public affairs and diversity for H-E-B.

H-E-B typically has these little tear off coupons that you give to your checkout cashier that adds on an additional $1, $3, or $5 to your bill. The coupons are typically for your local food bank but in circumstances like this or for breast cancer month they change it up. H-E-B is on the up and up and they make generous contributions to charities every year. I also believe the grocery store chain is still family owned which considering there is thousands of them spread throughout Texas says a lot.

This will raise a LOT of money for the Red Cross for Haiti. Btw, the Red Cross has raised over $100 Million for Haiti of which $22 Million was raised by text messages. The phone companies in response have freed up the donations made by text messaging and are NOT waiting for your phone bills to be paid to make the payments to Red Cross.

So fellow ONTD_P's what have your local areas done or have planned to do in support of Haiti? Got any special charities that you want to give a shout-out to?
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